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About RCAi and the Responsible Camper Accreditation Programme.

Responsible Campers Association Inc (RCAi) have been active in the Responsible Freedom Camping arena since January 2017.

We have surveyed Territorial Authorities and asked for feedback on Responsible Freedom Camping. Rather than just sit on this information we sought solutions to the many problems that were identified and to that end engaged with many Councils,

Stakeholders, supporters of RCAi, and others in order to seek simple practical solutions.

Onus on the mode of camping

It has long been considered by many responsible campers that placing the onus on the mode of camping rather than the people, is misplaced as you cannot educate the mode of camping.

Placing the onus on the mode of camping is only ever going to be as effective as the education and knowledge of the people camping. Without even basic education, focus on facilities is failing to address concerns.

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